Are Steelers most feared team in AFC?

Are Steelers most feared AFC team?
The Steelers have always been known for their hard hitting, smash mouth defenses over the years. Since Todd Haley was brought on as the offensive coordinator in 2012, the offense has been at the top of the league statistically. In 2015, the Steelers were 3rd in the league in total yards per game at 395.4 yards and 3rd in the league in passing with 287.7 yards. It’s safe to say the offense has improved over the years with Ben Roethlisberger under center. Haley’s offense has provided Ben to get the ball out a lot quicker to his receivers, avoiding more pressure and hits taken.

This now leads to the question. Are the Steelers the most feared team in the AFC? 100% yes.

The amount of weapons this offense has endured over the past couple of years is off the charts. A running game, something the Steelers haven’t had since the departure of Willie Parker, is intact with the emergence of RB Le’Veon Bell and veteran DeAngelo Williams. Ben Roethlisberger has played some of his best ball the past 3 years and is determined to keep up the pace of the high flying offense in 2016. The big key that we all know by now is, can Ben stay healthy? If Ben stays healthy all 16 games, no one will beat this team.

The defense was at an all time low in 2014 under defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau. Lebeau out, Butler in. In 2015, the defense was statiscally better. Butlers defense was 5th in rushing yards per game, and 2nd second in total sacks. Steelers need to play a more sound, easy game. If they can get off the field on 3rd downs that will set up our dynamic offense to put up points.

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